City of Ascension

About Kytar

Long ago, humanity believed in two great gods: Order and Chaos. Order's goal was to put everything in its place, while Chaos' goal was to stir things up. Neither was inherently good nor evil, so long as the balance was maintained.

Order without Chaos is a perfect state of stillness. Chaos without Order is an eternal state of turmoil. Humanity could not long survive either of those scenarios.

But with the balance maintained, humanity flourished. Large cities were built. Scientific and mystical discoveries were made. The knowledge was passed down to new generations. Even through hardship there was always the promise of a better tomorrow.

Then humanity became aware of another great god: Demise. Life throughout the land began to diminish. Fewer children were born. Some of the brightest individuals became clueless. Crops withered and died for no apparent reason.

The remaining scholars believed that there must be a problem with Demise's counterpart, a being whose purpose was to bring about new life and inspire humanity to reach its highest potential.

With nothing but a bleak future and the possibility of annihilation on the horizon, humanity prayed to the heavens for help. What it received was completely unexpected.

A small hole in the earth opened, and eight deities walked out. Although they appeared human, they claimed they were the servants of Ascent, the being tasked to balance Demise, and they brought what humanity needed most: hope.

The city of Kytar was constructed around the hole. Brave individuals who received a blessing from one of the eight were permitted to enter the dungeons that lay beneath. There they fought a myriad assortment of monsters, and in the process they grew stronger, faster, and smarter.

As the adventurers grew, so too did other things. Life seemed to be on the rebound.

But many adventurers died, and were never heard from again.

Now it's your turn. Will you help humanity ascend, or will you become another tribute to Demise?

Welcome to Kytar, adventurer.

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